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System Planning

System Planning

We often hear from our customers that there are very few people who can "hear one word and understand ten." In other words, it requires a lot of effort from a customer to explain their needs and, when the quality is poor or deadlines are missed, they are often told that their explanations were not enough.

"Why do you want to make a system?"
"Because we need one."
"Why do you need one?"

There are many reasons why customers need systems but, basically, a system should provide some benefit. But then why do some customers have systems made according to their needs but then never use those systems? This is simply because the customer was not fully understood.

"Making systems that work correctly" was something that was acceptable 10 years ago. "Making systems that can be used" was acceptable 5 years ago. At Aimic, we go beyond providing mere systems. We work with our customers to develop business models and consider the impact on investments to meet business and strategic goals. We understand that this is what is required in the IT industry.

At Aimic, when we hear our customers say one word, we quickly understand the ten words that the customer is really saying. We clarify any unclear issues and grasp problems before they occur. We work with our customers to steer around problem spots.

Let us discuss your needs. One word is enough.


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Aug 08, 2017

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