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Software Market Research

Software Market Research

It is commonly said that 40% of system errors are caused by human error and another 40% are due to application problems, or bugs. In other words, 80% of errors that show up in systems are man-made. As a result, 80% of IT investments comprise of maintenance costs.

Can the labor-intensive systems that were made 20 years ago really support businesses that now require speed and accuracy? Maybe they can still be used for some limited purposes but certainly not for core business systems.

At Aimic, we understand that IT must not get in the way of business. We research and recommend software that matches the scale of the customer for direction they want to go. We look very closely at the operation flow and develop the most suitable package that offers flexibility and scalability without eating up the customer's resources.

The right people in the right place. Let Aimic research your software needs.


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Aug 08, 2017

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