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System Enhancement

System Enhancement

How does a company feel when they are told that the systems they use everyday are being used incorrectly?

The computer system that you risked your investments on to bring in new business and to reduce time wasted on handling cumbersome procedures was already obsolete by the time it was created and put into operation.

It is not uncommon to find that a new mechanism introduced for continuous BPR has ended up going in a completely different direction than operations.

All systems have an ideal target when they are originally introduced. Normally, this ideal is the best condition suited for that particular period while preparing to pass the baton to future systems. However, it is crucial to decide when the best time is to pass the baton.

"Obsolete" does not just refer to outdated hardware or software. There are many factors that change over time and at different speeds. One has to consider theoretically when functionality is lost. By searching for the original ideal target, one can also find when and where to make the necessary changes.

At Aimic, we do not go so far as to say that we can radically improve your cash flow, but we can help you reduce your lead time to market and improve other areas by enhancing your systems.


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Aug 08, 2017

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