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Information Privacy Statement

Aimic Co. Ltd Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. Personal Information Protection Philosophy
  2. Aimic Co. Ltd. recognizes that protecting the personal information of our customers, our partners, and our employees is a very important responsibility in running a software and information systems development business.
    Aimic strives to maintain personal information protection throughout our company and to ensure that personal Information is handled appropriately according to our client's needs.

  3. Basic Policy
  4. Personal information is an important individual asset.
    All Aimic workers understand, use and maintain the personal information protection management system and handle personal information correctly and safely.

  5. Policy
    • Acquisition, use, and provision of personal information
    • Aimic shall clearly state the purpose of the use of personal information and only use personal information within the required limitations. Aimic shall take proper steps to ensure that the personal information is not used in any way other than what is needed for achieving the stated purpose. Also, Aimic shall appropriately manage all personal information and use and provide the information only within the agreed stipulations.

    • Laws and guidelines prescribed in Japanese law
    • Aimic shall follow the laws for handling personal information and other guidelines prescribed in Japanese law.

    • The proper management of personal information
    • Aimic shall take safety management measures when using personal information such as security and access control, and strive to prevent the leakage, loss, or destruction of personal information.

    • Handling inquiries and complaints
    • Aimic shall take appropriate and quick action regarding any inquiries or complaints from individuals regarding the personal information protection management system or the handling of personal information.

    • Continuing improvement
    • Aimic shall conduct operation confirmation, audition and reviews to ensure that appropriate measures for the protection of personal information are in place, and shall strive to continuously improve the personal information protection management system.

Enacted : Aug 08, 2017
Revised : September 1, 2009

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President and Representative Executive Officer

For inquiries about this document including complaints and disclosure, please contact us using the following link: Inquiries & Complaints Desk.

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