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Skill Requirements

Skill Requirements

Company Philosophy

With the rapid progress of IT, our customers are always asking us for the latest technology as well as stability. At Aimic, we always work hard to respond to our customers requests by providing the latest technology and stability.

What sets Aimic apart from our competitors

I think it is very difficult to find even one promising employee in large companies.
I am sure there are many workers out there who are promising but are not recognized for their abilities.
Aimic is different.
For those of you who want to prove their true abilities,
Aimic is a company where you can you can truly be judged and rewarded for your initiative and accomplishments.

High expectations

Experienced IT people who think:
I want to apply my true ability within a group.
I want to feel for myself the need for a group.
I want to prove my true ability and have it recognized.
People in non-IT industries who think:
I want to take on new challenges.
I want to open up new roads.
I want to learn new technologies.
New graduates who think:
I want a rewarding experience for my first job.
I want to become the main pillar of my group.
I want to fully use all that I learned at school.
Why not become a member of the Aimic staff?
We are always looking for energetic new people.


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Aug 08, 2017

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