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How many know people realize the problems in the IT industry regarding hiring? Even though there are many people with suitable skills and certificates who visit online job sites and are looking for work, many IT companies complain about not being able to find enough people. Why is that?

It is because there are differences between the types of "people" who are looking for jobs and the types of "people" companies are looking for.

A decade ago, only intelligent developers and engineers were up to the task required in those days of rapidly turning out systems by working day and night with no time except for eating and sleeping. For developers, nothing could be more joyous than seeing their systems actually working as planned.

But while the level technology increased, workers have lost their spirit and communication abilities. There has been a great change over the last five to ten years in the types of people IT companies are looking for. Now, employers want developers and engineers who also have the intangibles such as spirit and communication skills.

Our clients are also looking for those types of workers. At Aimic, our employees are trained so that they also have these intangible assets. See our "Recruiting" page to learn more about our staff.

Even more than technology and development skills, we teach our staff the basics of industry morals and discipline and we foster spirit and communication skills. In other words, we continue developing our staff so they will not hinder work activities due to a lack of communication or spirit.

As you can see below, Aimic has laid out a three-year education roadmap with milestones along the way. Our policy is to develop results year-by-year from our training programs and keep moving forward in training all our staff.

In this way we can start the ball rolling in the same direction and keep it rolling.


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Aug 08, 2017

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